New to Unity trying to import Blender animations.(Apple Silicone)

macOS Sonoma Apple Silicone
I have a project I want to link my .blend file and I got an error message I don’t understand.

“Blender could not be Launched, make sure that blender is installed correctly and in your PATH”

I tried the Alembic Package manager but I can figure out how to play the spinning cube test animation I made. Particles and materials are not showing up although I check the “render” rather than viewport option. I thought maybe the cube with a transparency shader would show up as rendered in blender. I would like to link my blend file if possible but If I need to import rigged character or NLA animations I need to know straight away because I’m finishing up my character and preparing to animate. If I need to learn the Unity animation system I need to know straight away.

DO I need to add alembic components? is there a tutorial? how do I get rid of the white camera icons?

Next I tried FBX. I have a cube animation with 60frames in the NLA editor but got another error message.

This is confusing because I don’t see any options for frame start and end in the FBX export settings in blender. Bake Animation is the only options no frame numbers.