New UI Input Field// Getting a "correct" answer

So as the question states, I’d need a script that detects if the input from the UI Input Field was a “correct” one.
Let’s say that I’d want a person to type in “Hello”. If they type it in, a level will load. If they type something else, nothing will happen (for now).
I’ve been trying to do a research and script this myself, but I am unable to do so.

Any help would be appreciated!

Look at the InputField component in the editor, it has “On value change” and “On end edit” sections. You can add functions (a method on a script component on a gameObject) to those sections that will be called when those events happen. The function could be something like this:

public void CheckValue() {
    String value = gameObject.GetComponent<InputField>().text; //maybe you have a reference to the InputField already stored on this script, use that reference if that's the case

    if (value.CompareTo("Hello") == 0) {
        //load the other scene

Anyway, consider calling this when a button is clicked, not immediatelly when the player finishes typing. As I player I would find it weird that just after typing something the whole scene changes.