New UI: OnClick()

I’m new to the updated UI system. I have a pause button on my screen, and if I click it, then after that my jump button (space bar) causes the game to pause/unpause. I want to be sure the button is only affected by a mouse click. Is there a simple, noobish thing I’m doing wrong here?


Go to your EventSystem game object. The stand alone input module will have a feild called submit. Modify or delete as appropriate.

When I remove the entries from the Horizontal and Vertical Axis, it gives me "UnityException: Input Axis is not setup. To change the input settings use: Edit → Project Settings → Input. I also can’t click on it while this error is repeating every frame.


I also tried setting the navigation events to none, explicit, all did the same thing.

Kinda lost at this point as to what’s happening. Are there good tutorials on the new UI you recommend? Maybe I just need to go over those more. Thought I did but obviously I’m missing something. Thanks for all the help so far. I’ll mark it answered since it’s at least not pausing my game anymore. That was the core problem. This is just a cosmetic ‘stain’.