New UI Text is horizontally mirrored

I just wanted to try new UI in Unity 4.6 and i run into this.
For some reason every text element has some strange effect. It looks like the text is horizontally mirrored. I did not do any special configuration.
See image for detail:

Left text is just Text Object in Panel with text “New Text”
Right text is Button Object with text “Button 1”

Anyone have any idea how to fix this ?
I use default Arial font and I already tried use diffrent font, but it did not help.
Even the anchors on the text are messed up. If I choose top left anchor, It will show bottom left anchor in the scene and etc.

Other elements like Panel or Image are working fine.

Did you check if Rotation is 0,0,0 and Scale is 1,1,1 in their Rect Transform (or in their parents)?

All rotations (even in parent) is set to 0,0,0
Scales are diffrent, because i have different sized pannels.

OK so i figured it out. One of the parent’s pannel had negative scale: (0.85,-0.85,1) After changing it to positive everything was OK. I have no idea why I got negative scale.

Thanks for the answer.