New Unity Price

Okey, in fact, it turns out that you give, for example, according to the Unity Personal plan, 20 cents for each installation OVER the 200k limit, that is, with 200 001 installations, you pay only for 1 installation. Well, the plus of the Unity Pro subscription is further expanding the limit and reducing the cost for each installation.

Just for GC is death) For indie, it’s close to death) For all types of projects that cannot get ALTV in the amount of $4-5 for the entire audience (and not for the paying one), this is unprofitable)

Well, that is, I’m just curious which market segment is satisfied with such a pricing policy) GC as a whole stupidly leaves, since they don’t need all Unity featuers aka analytics etc ) It sounds like nonsense on so many levels)

Agree, it doesn’t sound so scary, although it’s still lousy.
Well, I went to see what was there for Godot and UE5 after such nonc. news.


My answer, fire John Riccitiello!

Totally agree, Unity might die in few months if it’ll launch it. There are a lot of other game engines that devs can use so Unity might just kill itself and many people are going to loose their jobs. :confused:

OMG, horrible news! Customer can buy a game and later refund it (for example, in steam) - for devs it means dead loss.

As a low-income developer, these changes don’t affect me directly. However, as mentioned before in this topic, the new pricing model makes one to think about “plan B” for real. Too many questions remain unanswered. How will game’s income be calculated EXACTLY? For example, a mobile game may include multiple monetization methods (such as 3rd-party ads, in-app products/subscriptions), and it may be a free-to-download or pay-to-download game. Or is it an agreement-only model?
Also, what about illegal game copies? Will such copies be considered a “new game installs” (which will affect the “lifetime installs count”)?

I am an assetstore publisher. I‘m planning to increase the price of my products because I think the market is getting smaller. :worried: