NEW US publishing rules on PlayStore/AppStore/Xsolla about encryption


I just discovered that if you just use, even a minimal encryption in your game, for example encrypting PlayerPrefs, or using HTTPS protocols , YOU MUST FILL a procedure to be authorized from the government.

How do you guys manage this new rule? it seems the cost is about 80$.
Is there a way to save the data on the player without being hacked that does not involve encryption?

Thank you

Here is a nice youtube vid. Unity Encryption Export Compliance | Apple iOS Export Compliance | Google US Export Laws | BIS EAR - YouTube

Apple seems to have a clearer description on this here:

From what I saw in their list as long as you are using something that comes with the OS, like HTTPS, or an industry standard encryption, like that provided within C#, there is nothing more needed.

Also there is this that talks about what is exempt.

Like other have said in similar posts I am not a lawyer and could be reading this all wrong so if you are worried about it you should seek professional advice.