newbie models lots of the same model or 1 massive model

Hey Guys

just wondering what would be better in my situation. real newbe

im makeing an app with which is a virtual warehouse, its basically rows or warehouse racking and pallets. would it be beter to make the model 15 rows of racking or 15 individual models of single racking? if that makes sense. Iv’e only had limited experinece with free basic game creation software and in my limited experience depending on how the program works its beter to go one way or the other --some times loading 1 model up with to much info slows the preogram, other times to many models is worse than 1 large model.


If the result 1 merged model is not very big you can use it for reducing drawcalls, in other cases ( I mean you have box in one room and sphere in other room you should use separate models cuz Umbra culling system works better with it )