Newbie UMA Question

Hi all,
Please excuse me if this is too basic for here… Or has been answered earlier (Couldn’t find any…)

I’ve been using the makehuman for my characters. Recently I went thru the SecretAnorak’s tutorial for UMA… Have a couple of basic questions though… How does the performance (of creating the character in runtime by UMA), compare with the pre-created character (by MakeHuman)…

I usually optimize my characters manually… Like, manually removing the inner vertices of the mesh covered by clothes, creating atlases etc… Does the UMA compare to it?

I am not looking to morph my characters in runtime… Just interactable characters With animator, but without character controllers.

(Maybe further questions… But it all filters down to one thing… I am looking for whatever advantages I can have by making teh switch to UMA…)

Thanks a lot in advance…

UMA has a wide already optimized options: It creates it’s own atlas, you can compress textures and you can use PowerTools asset to make LOD at runtime (even to make your own prefabs), and you can make your own slots to add animators, colliders and components to your UMA, so, I’ve never used MakeHuman but I know that UMA is very well optimized