Newbiew question: how to size objects?

I am having some trouble understanding how to size objects in the editor. I have a Plane with Scale set at 36x1x78 (representing a 36’x78’ tennis court). I am trying to place a vertical net pole (cylinder) orthogonally to it. However, to make it look roughly in proportion to the court I am ending giving it a y value of 40 (which in my scale would make it 40’ high). Also, to place it on the edge of the court I am ending up placing the pole at Position.X = - 184. Since the court is at origin and has a size (Scale) of 36x78 (Y=1), that does not make any sense to me. These are all independent objects (children of same root). What am I missing?

Scales are relative to the object’s original size. Create a plane with a scale of 1. According to the scene, the plane is 10 units in width/length. So giving the plane a scale of 2, will make it cover 20 units of space.

For easy reference, make a cube, scaled to 1. You can use that to determine 1 measuring unit in the scene.