Newby - Licences etc

I’m new to this but we all have to start somewhere eh?

Am I right in understanding that games can be created in Unity by using or modifying (scripting by people called modders) objects/ terrains/features and things from other people and programs (if the programs and scripts are compatible) and that we are allowed to do this?

If we created a great game which included objects like this (which from what I read so far is a large part of what everyone is doing), that, as a general rule, we can publish the game, this being that most of the stuff is available on an open source licence or none commercially restricting basis?

Obviously, I’m aware that there will be stuff out there with small print in the usage licence which prevents publishing but can someone tell me (as a general rule of thumb) whether most of the programs, applications and object providers discussed on these boards in relation to Unity3D fall into the category of free to publish or not?


From a purely technical perspective, there are many tools and resources which are compatible with Unity in one way or another. For example, you’ll probably want some means of importing models and textures for use in your game – there are places you can get such things, online, or you can get various software tools to create your own.

If you’re asking a legal question, there is no simple or universal answer: every license is different. Many online resources provide their own terms of use, such as Creative Commons licenses or proprietary contracts.

“Open source” is a buzzword that’s often misunderstood, so it’s important to distinguish whether something is “free as in beer” or “free as in speech”: just as some things cost money and other things don’t, some things have heavy-handed licensing restrictions and others don’t. Merely finding something online is not a guarantee that you can use it in a commercial product without restrictions.