Newer version of mono

When will Unity move to a newer version of Mono ?

I realise it's not a good idea to always work with latest versions in the interests of stability and certainly agree with that.

However we are still using Mono 1.2.5 and version 2.6.1 is out already. Are there serious compatibility issues ?

As I say I understand the need to keep stability but to be so many versions behind seems uneccessary ? For those of us favouring the .net scripting environment , we are almost 3 years after the 1.2.5 release and the language has evolved considerably .

The short answer is that doing so would break existing players and projects. Should this change occur, it will not happen until Unity 3.0 is released, as Unity policy is that point releases should be largely backwards compatible. Please see this feedback site request for moving to a newer version of Mono: Uservoice

EDIT: Unity is moving to Mono 2.6.x in version 3.0 (per this forum post from HiggyB).

Thanks to both of you - And waiting till a version of mono compatible with c# 4.0 is released actually sounds like a brilliant plan especially since it's so close to release. Definitely would be worth waiting a little extra time for that.

upgrading to newer versions of mono has many advantages. it will break compatability of unity's web player so it won't hapeen sooner than 3.0. i think they'll wait for a version that supports C# 4 and maybe DLR and then upgrade. when web player penetration become more, these changes would be easier. they'll upgrade physx and maybe other third party libraries. they might have new features too. i think 3.0 is a good time and i think they'll release it in early 2011 or last weeks of 2010.

Since Unity 3 has been announced ... any news on which mono-version will be used ?