NGui button not working with 2D Polygon Collider

I have created a wedge shaped button and added a polygon collider to it. It doesn’t respond to any events and when I have the debug option checked on the NGui camera it doesn’t register as last hit at all when the mouse is over it. If I remove the poly collider and add a box collider it works fine… Does anyone have any idea why this is?? NGui isn’t supposed to care about the type of collider I thought?

UPDATE: It doesn’t seem to be working with any of the physics 2D colliders. Not the circle, or the box 2D either. It DOES seem to work with any of the 3D colliders… :-/

Check this forum post out bud.

NGUI only does 3D raycasts. Raycast2D would be needed to detect 2D colliders and NGUI doesn’t use them.