NGUI overlapping

Hey Unity commumity,

Im working an UI with NGUI on unity,

My problem is : I have 2 buttons, when I click on 1 the first time, text appear, when I click on the second time, text disappear. BUT, when I click one time on the first button and one time on the second I have an overlapping between my differents layers.

I would like to click on button 1 then text appear, and then click on button text appear and desactivate the last one.

Does anyone have an idea ?

I have UItoggle and UIbutton script attach to my buttons.

Any screenshot of the situation would be helpful.
Are the buttons from the same menu or different menus?
Are the buttons background depths set correctly?
If you have different menu pages, does each of them use separated panel component?
Does each panel have different depth?

Again need a screen to tell more.

Read this topic it might help
link text

thx for your reply and link. unfortunately, is not a depth problem. so im trying to write a script to activate/disable text to do not have overlapping.

I use the function gameObject.SetActive, but i do not know how to say in JS, " when I click on button 2 text appear and text from button 1 disappear,"

Can you help me ?