NGUI sprite movement


i’m trying to make simple 2D game using NGUI.
I have script with simple movement to mouse click point.
I attached it to sprite.
And it’s moving, but it looks like sprite is making clones during movement. There is still one sprite in hierarchy but on camera i can see many of clones.

Is it possible to move sprite without this effect?
Is it possible to make 2D game only using NGUI or i should use normal 3D flatten objects?

I move ngui objects around all the time (most often using itween). It’s most likely an issue of the depth being the same as something it’s moving over (then you get a weird alpha type effect). Make sure the sprite or whatever you are moving is at a higher depth than the background and lower than any foreground items.

If that doesn’t work you could post a little demo of the problem (make a project with a single scene demonstrating the issue). I’m sure it’s something simple if it’s not an issue of depth.