NGUI table does not Reposition() properly

I have a table in a scrollview which I dynamicly fill from code. I iterate through an array of dataobjects, filling the data into a prefab-widget. All works so far.
After the elements are all in the table I call the Reposition-method, but it is not properly executed. The paddinge between the elements in the table is much wider than I have set it. The only ways to properly Reposition() the tables elements I have found so far are a) right-clicking the table and chosing “execute” from the context-menu and b) adding Reposition() to the update-function having it execute every frame (sounds like a bad idea considering performance?)

What I tried so far:

  • putting Reposition() in Update() with a boolean/if-condition that makes it execute only once

  • trying the same as above with LateUpdate()
    I have not had any success so far. The Functions themselves seem to work, but they seem to have no effect on the table.

    for(int i = 0; i < _items.Length; i++)

     var itemInstance = NGUITools.AddChild(ItemsPanel, ItemPrefab);
     var item = itemInstance.GetComponent<PrefabScript>();
     item.Icon.SetTexturePath = _items*.IconPath;*

item.Level.text = items*.text;


// make table sort itself
// it doesn’t work properly, no clue why

I now have the same issue.
Did you find a solution to this?