NGUI TweenPostion..

I am new to NGUI… I just watn to tween a gameobject from 1 position to another.
I know I can do using TweenPosition script and filling in the values…
I know I can do using TweeenPosition.Begin method…
But I donn’t know how to use TweenPosition class all features through scripting like
onFinished delegate and Tweeinng style…
If someone can plz show me an example…

I am doing something like this…

        TweenPosition obj = new TweenPosition();
        obj.from = new Vector3(5.960464e-08f, 260, 0); = new Vector3(5.960464e-08f, 105, 0); = UITweener.Style.Once;
        obj.steeperCurves = true;
        obj.method = UITweener.Method.EaseIn;

but I can’t find how to play the tween and set the onFinished delegate…

I don’t know why you would want to create a TweenPosition object, but anyway…
First things first, here’s how you normally use TweenPosition (which is something you said you know, but just to keep everything in one place):

To tween a gameObject go, from its current position to position pos during t:

TweenPosition.Begin(go, t, pos);

Now, immediately using this notation, you could subscribe to the onFinished event by:

TweenPosition.Begin(go, t, pos).onFinished += OnAnimFinishedHandler; // this is ok because Begin here returns a TweenPosition object, from which you could access onFinished 

public void OnAnimFinishedHandler(UITweener tweener) // your handler must have this signature (a UITweener param)
    // do whatever you want

If you want to do everything manually, just create a TP object, set its from and to, the style, method, etc. When you’re done, call Play to start the tweening process. You could at anytime Reset it, or Toggle it.

var tp = new TweenPosition();
tp.from = transform.position; = someOtherVector; = UITweener.Style.Once;        // there's also PingPong (back and forth) and Loop (when reaches end, goes back to start)
tp.method = UITweener.Method.EaseIn;    // there's also BounceIn, BounceOut, EaseOut, etc
tp.onFinished += myHandler;
tp.duration = t;
tp.Start();                             // at anytime you could reset it, using tp.Reset() getting it back to the beginning; or toggle it tp.Toggle(); reversing it

That’s pretty much it.

Hi I want to do the same, But not able to crack it.
I want to use TweenPosition.Begin but just add on feature to method.