Nicely fade transparency with standard shader?

I’m working on a training application that already has been set up using the standard (specular setup) shaders. I’d like to stick with those shaders, but I am trying to add the ability to fade objects out nicely and it is becoming clear that there is no way to do this with this shader.

In Transparent mode, it never goes completely invisible, the specular highlights are always visible. In Fade mode, it looks really awkward and not opaque at all even with the alpha at 1, but does fade to invisible with alpha = 0. So, neither provide a nice fade from 100% opaque to 100% invisible.

Is there any way to get this effect with the standard shader or do I just need to move on to a different one that actually supports transparency?

I found a way to get the standard shader to fade properly in fade mode by frankensteining a Zwrite pre pass I found on the forums into a renamed copy of the built in standard specular shader. It works great. If you set it to fade mode and change the alpha, it fades perfectly from opaque to invisible. I’ve never written a shader and wish I knew more about how this worked, as there is probably a better way to do it, but this works great for my needs (just needed to be able to fade out a standard shader and have it look nice)

This seems to work well, but it’s a shame it uses the specular workflow, not the metallic one for standard shaders, which itself will be obsolete soon with HDR