Night-vision/thermal possible?

Planning on creating a shooting range fps game.

One stage I would like to be rather dark and use of night-vision/thermal would be something that's possible to do?

I found a fairly simple solution using Glow + Color Correction image effects.alt text

I made the camera into a prefab in case someone likes this: Night Vision Cam

Dear D_M,

Yes, it is possible... I can think of one way to do it, but its impractical... Anyway... I assure you, it is possible! You could try actually making everything have heat/light, and then, when you push "tab" (Or whatever) you switch to a script that displays a particle effect, or something... And adds a screen effect... Basically, use a GUI Texture to give it a "Grey Look" and use a script that will attach non-moving, single-size particle effects to what ever objects you give a specific tag to... Its just a suggestion, but you could do it!

-Wish you luck! Gibson

You can also look into Image Effects Scripts:

I think the Glow effect or Bloom and Flares effect might be of interest specifically.

private var currentColor : int = 0;
var changeTime : float;
var colors : Color;

function Update () {
RenderSettings.ambientLight = Color.Lerp (RenderSettings.ambientLight, colors[currentColor], changeTime*Time.deltaTime);

 //this is just to test


function NextColor(){
currentColor = 0;
currentColor +=1;

function SetChangeTime(ct : float){
changeTime = ct;

Some cool package was released after long years…

Looks like it’s good post processing visions