NN setup optimization

I (stupidly) used unity to make a complex neural network. The NN(Neural Network) Is entirly back end numbers and the only visuals are numbers on my screen in 2D that let me know how its going without any 3D features. Currently when its running my pc is at 12% CPU, 45% memory, 6% GPU, and my NN is at max 6fps I don’t expect to ever get it over 20fps just hoping for better, but can’t optomize the part of the code that causes the lag, Is is possible to give it more of my computer? I do not do anything else while its running so if other apps cannot run because 100% of the memory is used then thats ok.193725-mergedimages.png

^ This is my pc and NN specs

^ This is what it looks like but its not really that important though, and i don’t plan to explain the meaning of the numbers.

  1. You can make your code multi-thread using Unity DOTS (What is DOTS and why is it important? - Unity Learn)
  2. You can find a high-clock CPU on the cloud, which would allow you to make more calculations in the same amount of time.
  3. You could use more of your GPU instead of relying on the CPU to do all the work. Here’s a project that uses C# to call the GPU and use its processing power to do the required calculations:
    GitHub - lepoco/CUDAfy.NET: CUDAfy .NET allows easy development of high performance GPGPU applications completely from the .NET. It's developed in C#.

Here’s an implementation of that project: w8isms: GPU Performance Tests