No Ads working !

Hello everyone,my problem is that no ads is working in my game no admob no unity ads.
I tried admob everything possible and in editor in debug log it says that ads are loaded but in game nothing shows up.
With unity ads even worse i use 5.6.0b3 version and i turned on ads services copied code example to script and attached to empty object but nothing! This drives my crazy for 5 days i cant figure out what to do,android sdk updated to FULL I got my game finished but this man drives me so crazy i really dont know what is going on,i added else statement to code sample with debug log “Not working” and in my console it says “Not working” so it means that is not working,i dont know maybe it is because i added before unity assets 2.0 but i got it deleted so im not sure that is problem with that,i watched every possible tutorial on internet spending 10 hours a day fixing this but nothing every possible thread on internet EVERYTHING but nothing could someone just help me to tell what to do from beginning to end to intergrate unity ads,guys please help it would mean a lot to me.THANKS ALL!

Are you using ?

It is the same problem with my app.
but I found only need thing to do is update that plugin .
and then all works well again.