No animations when importing FBX model

Hey everyone, I’ve got a problem importing .fbx with animations.

When I import an .fbx model with animations, Unity doesn’t seem to recognize that a model has animations. In inspector view > Import settings > Animations it says: No Animation data available for this model.

Also, the model Animation Type (Import Settings > Rig) is chosen to None by default and when I try to change it to any other (Legacy, Generic, Humanoid) and then click Apply it goes back to None for some reason.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that the same thing is happening with Unity Constructor character model. We all know that Constructor character comes with a couple of animations, but in Import Settings animations are not available and I can’t change character’s rig.

I’m pretty sure that is the problem with Unity and not models and I’m wondering whether anyone encountered such an issue?

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Hey, sounds like it could be a bug, only sure fire way to find out would be to report a bug > Help > Report a bug with the offending FBX.

BUT - it would certainly be worth your while verifying the FBX first. If you created the FBX yourself then please follow this guide and verify your model and animation by importing it back in to the source 3D package:

If you obtained the model, then you need to make sure the author did not export animations separately using the @clipname convention whereby the animation clips are seperate FBX files with no model, just and animated skeleton. More info here:

If you tried all this then drop the bug ref number here and someone might be able to take a look.

I had a similar issue, which I which I was able to resolve by closing the Dope Sheet in Blender whilst exporting my FBX.