No Anti-Aliasing on mac web player window mode?

Hey Guys,

i´ve just bought a new Macbook Pro (Lion OS, AMD 6770M) .
When i open my unity scene (built with Unity Editor 3.3.0f4, Forward Rendering) from my web server,
the unity embedded content has no hardware anti-aliasing any more. Only when i switch to fullscreen mode,
the scene will be rendered correctly.

When i´m using my old Macbook Pro (Snow Leopard + Geforce 9400M) and open the same scene,
AA work in both window modes - no awful edges.

Any ideas why there´s a difference with the same scene??
Tested web player plugin 3.3 and 3.4.2.

Thanks for any hints

I have heard reports of this before, though I could never reproduce it on my own machine (MBP, ATI 9400/9600). We have seen several driver issues related to the CoreAnimation drawing model used for the windowed rendering of the web plugin in all modern OS X browsers (Firefox >= 4.0, Safari >= 4.0, any version of Chrome). I’m not sure if there is anything within our control we can do about this. We have changed a few things in how the rendering context is set up (to work around other driver bugs) in 3.5, though - it may be worth giving that a try to see if it improves anything.

It depends on the browser. I assume you’re talking about Safari; Firefox doesn’t seem to have that issue.

this issue was apparently caused by OSX GPU drivers, it should be fixed in OSX10.9 (Mavericks) although I haven’t been able to test this myself to confirm.