No audio from iPad speakers(iOS 5.1.1) but has audio from earphones

Hi, I am facing this very annoying problem with my iPad updated to iOS 5.1.1. I have successfully build the Unity application with Unity 3.5.2 on my iPad and I can only hear music when I plugged in the earphones. There is no sound coming from the speakers despite me trying everything I know in the Settings page or upping the volume to max. Does anyone know what is going on? Is this a Unity 3.5 bug and how can I fix it?

Additional information: My application has only one Audio Listener component added to the Main Camera object. The Audio Source component is also added to the Main Camera object with the properties set as shown in the following image:

The clip is added at runtime which is not shown in the clip. I have tested this on both PC and Android and everything is working fine except for iPad without earphones. Hope someone out there can give me a clue on how to solve this problem? I have been on it for days without any solutions.

Its not a Unity bug, you just have to unmute speakers for your iPad. To do so, double tap the home button, slide to the right and on the left side there will be the “unmute” button.