No audio listener after SceneManager.LoadScene

I am using SceneManager.LoadScene to load a scene bundle which has an animation with sound but no camera (audio listener), my camera is in the loader scene.

I’m getting
‘xxx’ AnimationEvent ‘PlaySound’ has no receiver! Are you missing a component?

How can I set my loader scene’s camera audio listener as default ?

Well its possible its getting unloaded when the old scene unloads, in which case you want to use DoNotDestroyOnLoad or something like that to ensure it propagates. If that camera is propagating then it may be an issue where you are playing a sound that is too far away for the camera to hear it, or the sound may not be playing at all. Without a look at how everything is set up its hard to say exactly what the issue is. The only other alternative I can really think of is something is setting the volume extremely low.