No audio when importing .Mov as animated material?

Hi guys,

I've imported a .Mov and have it working as an animated texture on a flat plane, this all works perfectly - however there is no sound. When i preview the .Mov in the inspector there is sound, just not when i play it in-game.

Heres the code i am using to play the texture - and then load the next level when it is finished - and also to skip it when 'space' is pressed:

function Start () {
// play the cutscene
    renderer.material.mainTexture.Play ();
// Wait 150 seonds (which is when the cutscene finishes)
    yield WaitForSeconds(150);
// Load the level
    Application.LoadLevel (1);

function Update () {
// When you press 'Jump' (space bar) you skip the cutscene and load the level
if (Input.GetAxis("Jump"))
    Application.LoadLevel (1);

I'm guessing that i might have to record the sound of the .Mov externally and then import it as a seperate audio track and then play them at the same time to mimic the effect, though surely its easier than that?

Thanks for any help.

Have you followed what the docs say about MovieTexture audio (at the bottom of the page)?