No autocompletion in C# scripts within a shared folder (Symlinked) when i open them (double-click) directly from Project Tab.

Hello Friends,
I got the following problem:

Since a while, i have created a shared asset
folder using symlink. I placed this folder
(named “AssetCentralRoot”) inside the
standard Assets folder (“Assets").
This system works very well for all the kind
of assets (material, prefabs etc.) but with
C# scripts i have this problem:

In the Project Tab:

  • C# scripts opened (double-click) from “Assets" folder → OK (UnityEngine recognized → Autocompletion OK).

  • C# scripts opened (double-click) from “AssetCentralRoot” folder → NOT OK (UnityEngine NOT recognized → NO Autocompletion).

I would like to use this “shared-assets-system” and i do not want to change Monodevelop with VSCode or other editors.

Can someone help me Please?


I also want use symlinks just after that Apple drop hard links in latest Mac OS (APFS in High Sierra dosn’t support hard links at all). MonoDevelop see all sources in symlinked directory but code completion, syntax highlighting, jumping to declaration, etc. doesn’t work at all.

Symlinks are required to select only wanted assets from subprojects which can’t be just checkouted. For examle git submodules doesn’t support partial checkouts.

Also handling some strange edge cases like looped symlinks should not be a big deal (like it’s described in some topic on forum).