No character only blue mesh?

Awhile ago I had been trying to render a character for the game VRChat, but while I was doing so, I made a mistake somewhere along the line that makes all character models into just their blue meshes. After redownloading unity & trying to make new projects to solve the problem, nothing happened. I gave up soon after. It’s worth noting that when I click on the model in the assets box, it looks fine in the bottom right window. Anyway, I’ve decided to take another crack at character modelling, & since the problem still persists, I was wondering: does anyone know what I did to get the models to behave like this, & how to reverse it?

Here’s what it looks like when I have the model selected in the box under heirarchy

Here’s what it looks like when I have it selected in the assets box

directly below the “Scene tab” there is a drop down box. change it to “Shaded”