No collision on top of object

Im new to unity and figured out how to do collisions but collisions dont work when the player is standing on the object here is my code :

using UnityEngine;

public class Collision : MonoBehaviour
    void OnTriggerStay (Collider collide)
        if (collide.gameObject.tag == "Crash")

If you want to use your collider for one condition I think it’s better to use OnTriggerEnter().

But I think what you are trying to achieve is to detect when your player stops on your object ?

OnCollisionEnter() or OnCollisionStay() are used for collision. OnTriggerStay() is for triggers.

Collisions work just fine when I bump into an object but if I touch the bottom or the top nothing happens

Could you provide some more detail, is the Collision script attached to the player?
what shape is the collider, is there more than one collider on the player?
OnTriggerStay() looks to be wrongly used in this context, is there some reason you are using trigger instead of collision?