No collision

Hi I’m trying to follow tutorial made on youtube “Develop and Publish Flappy Bird in 3 Hours With Unity3D

However I stuck at 1/3 of video

At Simulation. In guys video bird just drop down and stay on ground. In my case 0.05 just went thro and keep falling. The only way To make them collide is actually turn off “Is trigger” property on both ground and Bird. But then bird pushing ground and make them fall both. I can fix that but then I think its just messing with that.

I think “Is Trigger” must be on in order to be counted forward “Deadzone” / Gameover.

Any Idea how that guy mage both ground and bird being “Is trigger” Both Rigidbody2D Bird with Circle Collider set with Is Trigger + Simulated and Ground with Box Collider also with Is trigger + Simulated

remove any rigidbody from the ground!