No disconnection events on 1.4.4/Xbox Series controller/Windows 10

Hey, having a bit of a weird issue. Setting up a game with Input System 1.4.4 on Unity 2021.3.15f1, and I'm looking into tracking controller disconnects and reconnects. However, I'm not receiving any InputDeviceChange disconnect or remove events, even when I receive add ones.

Repro steps:

  • Connect controller (via Bluetooth)

  • Enter play mode

  • in Awake, sub to InputSystem.OnDeviceChanged

  • Switch off controller

  • No Removed or Disconnected events received

  • Switch controller back on

  • Added event received

Each new "added" controller seems to have a distinct XInput name (like XInputControllerWindows:/XInputControllerWindows3, with the 3 incrementing) and a distinct InputDevice instance

It looks like, after a few minutes, I do get the Disconnect event. That doesn't quite seem appropriate -- is it maybe a Windows/Bluetooth thing?