No erros on build but when I load apk file to my phone it crashes

It crashes immediately could it be my phone the problem? I have a Galaxy Prevail with boost mobile services. Can anyone help to know whether this is my problem?

Long story short, this is a performance issue of some sort. If the app tries to use up more memory than the device can handle, it crashes. First thing I would do is LOWER the max resolution of all your TEXTURES in their import setting… just select the textures in the project panel and set it there…

Also, the Galaxy Prevail uses a Qualcomm chipset which is known to crash if using clip instruction (such as in a cutout shader), so be careful if using transparency with clip instruction (although you would be getting warnings in your project about this).

Otherwise, maybe just a problem with your code, who knows, without more info…

It might be the Qualcomm chipset issue then cause I created a new Unity project to make sure its not the texture issue so I created a Level1 with just a sphere and a new scene I named leve2 with a cube all plain no color nor texture to see if it loads on my phone and it crashes in the same way or do you have any other advice on what it could be?

I got the same problem!!! I don´t know what it is… have you already solve it?

I had the exact same problem and what worked for me was changing the build settings for standalone
for my OS (windows) I changed the architect down to x86 despite being x64. I know this seems irrelevant because you are building from the android platform but it works from my own experience. Now my apks run smoothly without any crashes

I also deleted my ovrplugin.aar from my assets/plugins/android

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