No experience in animations

Hey, I wanted to buy these assets: POLYGON Western - Low Poly 3D Art by Synty | 3D Historic | Unity Asset Store
But there aren’t any animations given in the pack. And I have, as stated above, no experience in animations. I read in the comments that some used Mixamo animations. So does someone know an asset pack like this but with animations? And how is it to work with mixamo, is it easy to use? Do I have to animate the characters or is it doing by itself?

I can’t exactly tell you what to do, but I had a look at the package preview. My guess is that those were blender models exported to fbx. If you go for animating stuff yourself, you might try to import those in blender & look for a skeleton & see if you can animate it & export it back to fbx when done. The only drawback is that importing/exporting isn’t always the best feature in blender so I would create a backup of the original files first.

I also don’t have much experience in animations, but I learned a lot from this ( video.

Basically how animations work is with a skeleton where different bones are attached on different parts of a model. Such models are called rigged models & that is what I also read in the comments:

Nice consistent look and feel.
Character is well rigged. As a
complete novice I had Mixamo
animations applied in minutes.

When a model is rigged you can rotate the bones and create an animation. This will give you a lot of freedom what animations to do, but it won’t be easy and takes a lot of tries to get it right.