No functions on attached gameobject?

  1. Attached a script with a number of functions on it (all public) to a gameobject, in this case, a panel.
  2. Dragged the object over to the menu to link a button to a script.
  3. Selected the script, but no functions were there.
    Any ideas as to why?

I’ve tried on several panels with the same results. Using the latest version of Unity on WIn7

When ever this has happened to me it’s a simple case of not having the function set as public.

Your functions should return void and have 0 arguments (besides being public).
They also must belong to a Monobehavior (which you already do have)

Otherwise they won’t show up

You can access your functions through your roadmanager script. You are doing right. Just go to ROadManager script in your drop down function selection menu. Then again new dropdown menu will be open. There you will see your buttons function which you wrote in script.