No GUI needed..!!!

This is Ovaiz I Am working On Game Which is Basically a FPS For Android and IOs Like Dead Triger Or so…!!!
I just Have a GUI For aiming like rotation But I dont need that GUI i just Need To Require Whole Touch Screen For Rotaion Or aiming like that In shadowgun And Modern combat Series…
I just Want To utilize whole screeen for rotation Thankx …!!!

You mean to control the game without an interface… so you want to control with the mobile true rotation: the Accelerator… right?

For that you need to get the Input.Acceleration, the place where you’ll get that parameter, in a Vector3.

In my case I’m developing a ball labyrinth and I’m moving the map rotation with the mobile rotation as this:

escenario.transform.rotation = Quaternion.Euler(Input.acceleration.x, 0.0f, Input.acceleration.y);

You can also move a first person character rotation, always being careful with the axis, whose won’t be the same for each one, as you can see in mine, where I use the accelerattor y axis to my maps z axis.

Tell me if was what you were looking for.