No kit tools??

Hi, a noob here. Trying to follow the 2D Game Kit walk through and already stuck on the very first part! I’m supposed to click on “Kit Tools” on the top menu and then “create scene”. But there is no kit tool option in my copy of unity! Can someone please help! I shouldn’t have such a trivial problem this soon. It’s extremely discouraging.

Never mind. I couldn’t find a way to figure this out so I simply uninstalled and reinstalled a slightly older version of Unity. Problem solved.

I’m a noob too! I’m here a couple years later to add my 2 cents. What I’ve figured out is that the “Kit Tools” menu option is something that is actually within the 2D Game Kit itself. You need to search for “2D Game Kit” in the Unity Asset Store and hit the big blue button that says “Add to my Assets”. You will then hit the button “Open in Unity” that will replace the first button. (Of course you need to install Unity Hub and Unity Editor first.) When you’re in Unity you will go Window > Package Manager. (You used to be able to access the Unity Store in the Window Menu within Unity but no more.) And there you will find a download button for the 2D Game Kit. When it’s done downloading you will hit the Import button. Some of the steps take a minute, so be patient :wink: