No known class method for selector 'setMediationSegment:'

I'm new to Unity & Xcode. I'm finding my way through thanks to these forums.

I can not compile my project to run through Xcode Building from Unity. My game runs fine in Editor & Build to MacOS, Windows & WebGL. It's only the iOS build that fails in Xcode 15.

I had to manually add the IronSource Framework to the Xcode Project because it did not link on export from Unity. I don't even have the Unity Ads package installed why is it trying to install this?

Has anyone experienced this? If so how did you resolve it?9121357--1265752--XCode15-BuildError.jpg

Hey @st0nergames ,

Thanks for reaching out! Is it possible you tried out the Ads Mediation package in the past, uninstalled it from the package manager, and now you're left with these errors?

If this is the case, it is likely because the Ads Mediation package installs ironSource's Levelplay mediation in the .unitypackage format, which actually stores the package in your Assets folder. Take a look if you can locate that package inside your assets folder, remove it and see if you still face these issues.

Let me know if that works for you please, thanks!

I have the intention of using Unity ads in my project and I get the same error. When building the project previously, I received an error stating that iron source wasn't found. After adding an iron source sdk file to unity, i recieved this error. How can I fix this?