No module loaded

Hi! I want to build my game for PS Vita. But I can’t switch to Vita platform, because “No PS Vita module loaded.” Look at the screenshot.

  1. I registered Sony dev account;
  2. installed PSM Tool Set for Unity;
  3. made a publisher key;
  4. and installed PSM Development Assistant for Unity on my Vita.

Did I miss something?

Unity 4.5.4, Windows 8.1

alt text

At the end of the day I finally found a solution.
There are two problems:

  1. Common Unity Editor is not suitable. Only special Unity Editor for PSM is acceptable. It can be found on PSM website after login.
  2. Mobile Development Assistant from download list in PS Store isn’t suitable as well. Because this assistant isn’t for Unity. So I found it manually in PS store search by tag “Unity” and now everything works fine.

And 3.You should choose “PlayStation@Mobile”, not “PS Vita”. Is that right?