No Monobehaviour script in the file error Unity 2019.2

So I just created a new project on Unity 2019 and when i created my first script it shows:- “No MonoBehaviour scripts in the file , or their names do not match the file name” It has been a problem persistent in the 2019 version for me and I cannot find any fix for it. I tried:- 1. Uninstalling and reinstalling Unity 2. Deleting the projects and creating fresh ones and many more Could someone suggest some solution for this
I also have the snaps of the problem

This usually occurs when you rename the script, is this a problem that constantly occurs whenever you create a script?

Yes whenever i create a new script this happens
Also even if I just the new script be named NeBehaviourScript it still shows this error
But this does not occur in versions previous to Unity 2019.x. That is also confusing me