No MonoDevelop for Unity 5 ?

I just installed Unity 5, and created a new Project. Right-Click → Create → C# Script to create a new script. Double click the script and I get asked what to use to open the file. In the Dialog box: Visual Studio, Notepad, Wordpad. Where’s MonoDevelop ? I did check preferences to see if it’s checked and it is.
External Script Editor: MonoDevelop

What should I do ?

I noticed this too after installing the latest version of Unity(5.2.1f1). If you click on Edit/Preferences and then select external tools you can change it to MonoDev if you like.

My install looks just the same as mfcecilias. Nothing strange.

Just find the shortcut to Mono in the Unity5 Install folder as Jessespike states above.

Remember if you installed 64-bit it wont be in the “Program Files(x86)” but in “Program Files”. On a 32-bit OS the folder is also called, just “Program Files”

I did find the cause of this annoyance. If you choose to use the installer that seems to be the default option, Unity will automatically try to install visual studio, and I can’t even find an option to install MonoDevelop.

If you go to old versions, and grab the latest release form there, then the offline installer will give you monodevelop.

So many people like visual studio, at least we now have a choice.