No option for API Compatibility Level .NET 4x


I’ve searched around and a lot of solutions are to install .NET frameworks and SDKs. I’ve installed from 2.0 up to 5.0, both runtimes and SDKs. I still have the same issue. I only have the option for NET 2 or NET 2 Subset in API Compatibility Level. Still no NET 4x. I’m running the most up to date Unity version and Windows 10.

Are there any other solutions to this issue?
Thank you.

I figured out my issue. I was using Unity 5 and since I haven’t been in the game for several years, I literally had no idea there were numerous new releases. After installing the new release of Unity, all works fine now.

In Unity 2021.3.16f1 There is no NET 4x. But in the menu Project settings under player you find a setting called Active input Handling. This was set to both. I had problem with making the Void OnMove.
Change this to the new system. I also needed to add Using UnityEngine.InputSystem; In the code.
To get it working.