No overload for method 'ReadLine' takes 1 arguments for C#

using System;
using System.Threading;
using Leap;

class SampleListener
public void OnInit(Controller controller)

public void OnConnect(object sender, DeviceEventArgs args)

public void OnDisconnect(object sender, DeviceEventArgs args)

public void OnFrame(object sender, FrameEventArgs args)
// Get the most recent frame and report some basic information
Frame frame = args.frame;

    /*  Console.WriteLine(
        "Frame id: {0}, timestamp: {1}, hands: {2}",
        frame.Id, frame.Timestamp, frame.Hands.Count
      ); */

    foreach (Hand hand in frame.Hands)
        int i;
        string[] sarray = new string[10];
        sarray *= Console.ReadLine( );*

Console.WriteLine(" Hand id: {0}, palm position: {1}, fingers: {2}",
sarray[0], sarray[1],hand.Fingers.Count);
// Get the hand’s normal vector and direction
Vector normal = hand.PalmNormal;
Vector direction = hand.Direction;
// Get the hand’s normal vector and direction

I’m using the Leapmotion SDK, I tried to get the Handsposition data to an string and post it on cmd code