No particle emitter in hieararchy, but particles still appearing??

I was experimenting with different particles in my scene,

i added the snow one tested it, then deleted the emitter from the Hierarchy.

but snow flakes are still appearing when I play the scene?

has anyone experience this before? I can't remove the emitter if its not there??

if you still have the actual snow prefab in your heirarchy, then try deleting it out of your hierarchy and then re adding it to your scene.

Hope this helps


p.s. I also created a snow prefab for Unity3D... you can download from my website at:

OK i dont know why this has happened the emitter wasnt in the Hierarchy, but when I an overall selection (drag select across the scene) I had selected the emitter, it still didn't show up in the hierarchy.

anyway i fixed it by selecting everything in the scene the using CTRL-Key and deselecting all the items in my hierarchy. It left me with only the invisible emitter selected, which i was then able to delete.