No Realtime Shadows on Bootcamp Win7 with Radeon HD for Mac?

Hi there!

I need some help on a quite tricky hardware configuration and (missing) realtime shadows:

As the title suggests, I am running Unity Pro on a Mac with Windows 7 x64 installed via Bootcamp. I'm using an ATI HD 3870 for Mac card.

According to this list, the Radeon HD cards should support realtime shadows under Windows, but not under OSX...

Now, my scenes do not show realtime shadows on this machine. They do work on a PC though.

Does that sound to you as if I have to add my card to the "does-not-support-realtime-shadows-list"? Is there any other way to see if Unity disabled the shadows due to hardware issues?

Thank you!

Oh dear!

I'm sorry, I just solved the problem myself. A driver update can work miracles!

So the answer is: ATI HD 3870 for Mac under Bootcamp does display realtime shadows!

Thanks, vivien