No realtime shadows on vision pro?

So I been struggling with this for a couple of days,
I am porting an existing VR project to vision pro, and no matter what I do I cant get realtime shadows on the scenes.
We are using built in render (migrating to URP is not an option for now)

Also tried creating a new blank project with a scene with a directional light a plane and some cubes and I still shadows are missing on vision pro (also tried spotlighits and omnis)

Hi there! Sorry to hear that you’re having trouble. What version of Unity are you using? We did have an issues with shadows on built-in render pipeline, but it should have been fixed in 2022.3.21f1. Are you using that version and still having issues?

Hi mtschoen, thanks for answering, I am using 2022.3.20f1

I will update to 2022.3.21f1 and see what happens


That was it mtschoen, I have updated to 2022.3.21f1 and shadows started working

Thanks a lot!

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