No rendering (black screen)in Fully Immersive space on device 21N5207g with XCode Beta 5 and VisionOS XR plugin 0.2.0

App runs as expected (or as in editor) in simulator, but black screen on device (audio runs normally)
Any idea why ?

What type of app are you making? There are some known issues with fully immersive (VR) apps related to post processing and TAA.

Fully immersive as stated in the title.
What is TAA?
I might add I can see rendering happening in polyspatial mode

Sorry I was thinking of Anti aliasing settings.

Can you try upgrading to the latest 2022.3 LTS (2022.3.9f1) and see that if that fixes the issue?

note: this will cause issues when trying to build mixed reality content or anything with PolySpatial