'No Score' on Game Center Leaderboard

I have been trying to submit scores for the last couple of days to no avail.

It authenticates gamecenter and welcomes me back, says in the Debug Console that it successfully reported a score, but “no Score” always pops up every time I check the boards.

I have logged in with 3 different sandbox accounts who are all friends. The game comes up in the list of games on games center but it also says “Never Played” and “Not Ranked” on the leaderboards.

I’ve checked the box to enable gameCenter:
alt text

Here’s my leaderboard setup:
alt text

this is my code for reporting (almost pulled word for word from the documentation):

void SetHighScore(int highScore)
	void ReportScore (long score, string leaderboardID) {
    	Debug.Log ("Reporting score " + score + " on leaderboard " + leaderboardID);
    	Social.ReportScore (score, leaderboardID, success => {
        Debug.Log(success ? "Reported score successfully" : "Failed to report score");
		Debug.Log("New Score:"+score);

It says reporting successful, but it does that even if I put a completely random leaderboard ID.

I want to Submit an update for my app and this is what is stopping me. If anyone can see errors or give advice I will be grateful.

Debug.Log(success ? “Reported score successfully” : “Failed to report score”);
Debug.Log(“New Score:”+score);
Is this C# how to write it in javascript? im getting errors “unexpected tokens :>”
What is the "success ? " never saw this structure in a script before…