No Shadows? (On Device)


I don’t have any shadows on the device when working in Mixed Reality. They work in the simulator. Is this just the current state?


I’m surprised you have shadows in the simulator. There are two basic approaches to shadows on visionOS that I’m aware of. In the future, we plan to add support for shadow maps to the PolySpatial Lighting Node for Light components (directional lights, at least) created in Unity. That won’t apply shadows for visionOS’s image-based lighting, however. We also plan to support the GroundingShadowComponent (via a Unity proxy component), which causes objects to cast a top-down shadow (as if lit by a directional light from directly above).

Would you mind touching base on those two approaches for getting shadows to work with visionOS? Thanks!

I’m not sure what you mean by “touching base.” Both approaches are on our road map, but we don’t have a specific time line to share. I would say, however, that support for the GroundingShadowComponent is simpler and more liker to land sooner.

Got it, thanks for clarifying!

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