No sound on Nexus 7 with Unity Remote

Hi I have been using a Nexus 7 as a test device for Android development, however when I hit play the sound will only play in the editor on the PC and not on the Nexus 7 with the Unity Remote. Ive checked and double checked that I have the correct audio format(MP3) even transfereing the audio files themselves to the Nexus and they play fine manualy. The CPU of the Nexus is armv7 so am I missing something simple? would anyone be kind enough to run my project on there Android device to double check that there is indeed no Audio?


DropBox Project

Edited to add that when I build and install the application on the Nexus the sound plays fine, only seems to be when using the Nexus connected to the editor that no sound plays

Unity Remote doesn’t support sound. It only streams Video, Gyroscope, and Touch :confused: