No sound on WebGL builds for some users

Some of our users, all at once started reporting sound problems in the webGL build of our game.
We are unable to reproduce it in house. The online version was built using the latest 5.6 unity version.
One user told us she updated some C# “program”. I’m not sure what was actually installed, but that’s the only clue i’ve got so far.

Any ideas?

Game link -

Hi, I am experiencing a similar issue with some users using Chrome on a Mac. By any chance, did you find out what was causing this problem?


These are saftey settings in Chrome. You have to resume/play or create the sound after one interaction of the user with your app. E.g. I use a “start splash screen” with a single start button which resumes my sound. In the console you could even see an warning, if you want to play a sound right from the beginning.