No sound when previewing sound or playing game


I’m still kinder new to Unity (so sorry if this is a stupid question) I have had a problem when trying to use sound in my game, I can’t here sound when ether pressing play for the game to start or when trying to click on the sound in the Project tab then clicking preview in the Inspector tab and no sound will be played ? Im using Unity on a mac.

I can here sound coming from other applications, its just not comiming from Unity, i have tried restarted and everything, I also download a test problem just Unity the stealth on to see if it was just my game not playing sounds.

Does anyone know how to fix this problem ?

Thank you for taking your time in reading my post, and thank you for the help.
Have a great day.

Check if you have turned Off the Audio in the control bar.

Refer this for details: Scene View Control Bar

At the top of the “Game” window is a button with the text “Mute Audio”. Make sure this isn’t pressed in.